Welcome, I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. 

You can call me either Honey or Lotus. I will answer to both. I am a polyamorous, pansexual, world schooling mother of 3. I have been a student of metaphysics, magic, spirituality and wellness for over 20 years. I have dealt with many different schools of thought, spiritual systems, religions, and organizations which have led me to my current understanding/ perspective on life.

I believe that: 

Happiness is a choice.

Love is the greatest source of magic.

Gratitude is the currency of the Universe.

Our words are our wands.

All energy can be transmuted and made useful.

We have the power to shape our reality as we see fit.

Intention is the cornerstone of creation.

Imagination is the key to immortality.

We all have direct access to everything in existence once we learn to tap into it. 

There are no impossibilities. 

People are not possessions. 

Plants are powerful entities here to assist us.

Personal Development and Accountability leads to inner peace.

All things are happening for my (your) greatest good.


 I am an educator, healer, and a seasoned natural witch. I am led by spirit to accept the charge and responsibility of High Priestess of this Sacred Coven. What is most important to me is that I assist others (my clients and students) in activating their personal powers and that they create the lives that they truly desire.  I work as a Personal Development, Relationship, Wellness & Manifestation Coach and run a Metaphysical “ Church”/non-profit along with my partners.

I have a formal education in Alternative Health, and I have been educated and initiated by the elders and the ancestors. I am daughter of Mami Wata.

Some of my favorite tools are chakra therapy, yoga, tarot, reiki, poetry, BDSM, guided meditation, tantra, alchemy, rescripting therapy, intention and plant medicine.

Over the years I have worked with thousands of people helping them access their inner magic and teaching them how to heal themselves from harmful programming, past trauma, poverty (lack & scarcity) as well as physical disease (even the “incurable”)

My passion is living a full rich and abundant life and helping others do the same