Disclaimer, Shipping & Returns

Thank you for choosing to shop at our store! Please note that each item is made custom and that no two are exactly alike. Please allow up to 21 business days to receive your unique item. Every item is handcrafted with love and the highest positive intention. Intention is the true magic. Adding your intentions to the item is what makes them even more powerful. Remember that you are a practitioner and like with another craft you must actually practice to improve your casting. You must do the work.The readings, oils, candles, jars and rituals are designed to aid YOU in your practice. You alone dictate how well they work. Also do to the nature of each item refunds are NOT available. The Honey Jar and is affiliates  are not responsible for what happens when you use our products. Results may vary and we make no guarantees.  No product or service is a substitute for medical or psychological care. In accordance with certain laws, please be advised that magic is for entertainment purposes only.