I created this program as a way to support those who support me. In this ever changing economy & society I find that is really important for us to secure multiple streams of income. So many of the people that I love have been affected by the pandemic and that has been weighing heavy on my spirit to try figure out a way for people to help people get paid. I noticed that while other businesses were failing that mine were continuing to flourish from people simply sharing my posts and the results from using my products. Word of mouth continues to be the strongest form of advertisement and I wanted to pay the people who were helping me build my business. So what I am offering is a way of making money by simply using the products you already love and continuing to share them. 

 Each Money Honey or Homie (masc or non-binary folks) receives a coupon code that allows them to recieve a 20% discount on all products and services offered here at The Honey Jar. 

We encourage the Money Honeys/Homies to share their code with others because each time the code is used and the discount is issued that 20% then goes back to them. On Money Monday which is every other Monday. The Honeys & Homies get cashed out for each time their referral/discount code was used. They receive 20% for each time their code was used even when just used for themselves.


Money Honeys/Homies also can use their discounts on all classes, events & retreats offered by The Honey Jar. 


Are you ready? Let’s work together and grow these bank accounts!

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