We created this album because as a family we began meditating, praying, and doing yoga together and we wanted some music that represented our culture, so we decided to make this album and share it with you all.
My son produced every original track on this album, my eldest daughter created the cover art, and you'll find each of our voices throughout this 9 song experience.

Inside is a little over an hour of calming meditation music, bopping afro-futuristic affirmations, and smooth intention mantras for the whole family, by The First Family.

Included in the zip file are 9 songs, cover art, and a tracklist.

ACTIVATION: Meditation Album

  • Once you order, follow these steps to start jamming and/or meditating:

    1. Open your email and wait for the confirmation of your order.

    2. Click the link in the email to download the zip file.

    3. Unpack the zip file (if on pc, this will be more straightforward; rightlick and unpack)

    4. On mobile devices open the zip file in your files application and unpack it there. Pharaoh recommends the Documents 5 application if your phone or tablet does not come with a files viewing app.

    5. Enjoy!

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