The healthier I get the more my ideas and perception changes. I have been working diligently to change my personal relationship with money as it pertains to my self worth and my ideas of success. And although it has been working I had the realization that there is more work to be done. Ideas of lack and scarcity have been deeply rooted in my lineage. For my family I feel responsible to correct that thought process from this point on. I have prayed about this and I asked for guidance in creating a conjure that does more than just generate money. It is my intent that Generational Wealth will aid you in creating the mindset and the resources to heal our prosperity consciousness for generations to come. This oil can be used to:Attract large sums of moneyAcquire grants and investorsClose deals in your favorActivate creativity for cultivating intellectual property that produces passive & residual income Help you obtain real estate including properties, land & townsGrow business revenue greater than six figures            Create a long standing financial portfolio.This oil is currently available in 16 ounces only and in limited quantities.

Generational Wealth Conjure Oil


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