I used this moon’s energy to harness my sexual energy to activate my manifestations in a way I haven’t done before. I consistently pushed myself passed my comfort zone into deep unknown spaces of faith and trust. I had the most amazing miraculous orgasms. And it dawned on me that this was the energy that we needed for the next honey moon oil. I am simply calling it sex magic. That is the essence of what it is. Use it alone or with your partner to connect with your powerful potent sexual creative energy use this oil for self-love, attraction, lust and to enhance your manifestations, and of course for enchanted sexual experiences. . 

I have only made a few of these bottles. They are all in the 5 oz size. That should last you for a while. 

I made them with the intention for you to have them for VDay so order before the 4th and we will get them out to you. Order it separately if you don’t want to wait the usual amount of business days. Only orders placed separately by the 5th are guaranteed to be shipped for VDay. (We are not responsible for postal delays)

If you are in Canada they may not reach you in time. 

Honey Moon "Sex Magic Oil"


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