I have been going back in for a month about whether or not I should put out pre-sale copies of my book. As a writer these spaces are super raw. I am a sensitive artist I will admit. I did a poll on my story to try and be safe like… Dawg if I put this out here are you really gonna read my shit. I had my insecure moments about whether or not I will finish on time and I even questioned if it would be good. I mean I know it’s good but will it be amazing. So I am like damn. Time for that shadow works sis. I had to do the thing that I suggest you all do. Look in the mirror and process. And it has brought me here… My book Money Moves is now available for presale on my site. You can now purchase your autographed physical copy. Make sure you leave me a note before you check out so that I know what to write to you.


Money Moves is about learning how to stay in the frequency of money. I share anecdotal stories about my journey. We dive into the tools I used to become a 7 figure earner applying the law of attraction. I am basically spilling all the tea. Thank you all for journeying with me. 


Books will arrive in time for the Spring Equinox…


I am hype now! Let’s get it :-)


Please purchase your pre-order in a separate order. 

You will receive your book on or before 3-20-2021


Money Moves (Pre-Order Book)


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