(Cleanse & Banish Kit)

Detach * Black Walnut Bath 8oz

Not Today* Smudge Spray 4oz

Bye Hater* Conjure Oil 1oz


I made this kit because I needed it. I felt my energy slipping away due to some attachments I knew I needed to sever. There were things hanging onto my energy. Some I was aware of and others I wasn’t. This kit is to cleanse your space, ward off negative energy, help break toxic soul ties and start fresh with some new poppin’ ass energy. May every evil eye against you go blind. May every hater wither to waste. May all your toxic exes lose your number. May those holding their breath waiting for downfall suffocate while they wait. Every evil against you reversed and returned to sender. No weapon against you shall prosper.

NO HATIN A$$ HEAUX (Cleanse & Banish Kit)


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