As many of you know I created Rich Witch about a year ago and I got the download for it during a 10 day fast. The fast helped me improve my spiritual fortitude and it gave me the million dollar recipe. I am so honored to have received that download and help so many manifest their dreams with Rich Witch. I will be fasting for the entire month of February and offering Rich Witch Ritual Every Friday in February. We will have a consultation. I will personally help you craft your petitions and do the workings on your behalf each week. I will be working with a small group so join while you can but only if you are serious about taking yourself to the next level financially. 

The offering includes your consultation and 4 Fridays of Rich Witchuals. You have until 5pm Friday Feb 5th to join and yes you may use the current discount code.

Rich Witchuals (Rich Witch Rituals)

$333.00 Regular Price
$83.25Sale Price

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