These zodiac conjure oils are designed to call upon the strengths of each zodiac sign as well as balance the”weaknesses” or general energy of each sign. You can use these oils to enhance the properties of any sign in your chart as well as access the energy of the signs that possess qualities that you like and would personally like to work with. These oils were crafted with the intent to conjure the energy of any sign in the zodiac. 


Aries ~ Assertiveness , Direct Communication

Taurus ~ Dependability, Patience

Gemini ~ Expression, Versatility

Cancer ~ Compassion, Emotional Connections

Leo ~ Self Confidence, Drama

Virgo ~ Practicality & Analyzation 

Libra ~ Relating , Diplomacy

Scorpio ~ Passion, Resourcefulness 

Sagittarius ~ Optimism, Generosity

Capricorn ~ Independence, Discipline

Aquarius~ Progressiveness , Free Thinking

Pisces ~ Intuition, Magic, Spirituality

Zodiac Conjure Oils

Zodiac Signs

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